A Great Journey I Have with DKT

I’m leaving Decathlon France at the beginning of this Dec.

Before talking about the reason why I’m leaving, I try to look back how I came to France and got current job position.

Early when I first joined this company, I was working for the “famous" Highway project as a local relay in Taiwan. I met Mada, Jeremy, Mickael…who were actually the early inspirations I had for this career path. By that time they seem so cool to me with their know-how, supply chain scope, etc. 

I told Jenny, my manager at that time, that I was suprised how those people managed their jobs, especially when I realized some of them were even younger than me. 

And Jenny said, it’s not like they’re smarter than you. If you were on that position, you could have the same scope.

So during my year-end meeting with her, I said I want to be a project manager like them. And the answers from Jenny were simple facts that: 1/ this kind of job position you only get in France; 2/ those people were leaders/zone managers before getting this job.

I keep those in mind and every year I debrief with my managers for the same target, the progress made, support needed, etc.. However, when the opportunity did come, I was not sure if I was ready or not. 

It was Jun 2018 when I saw the news Mickael was hiring people. I’d like to take the chanllenge, but looking at requirements of the job description, I have doubt in myself if I’m qualified or not.

I don’t know what exactly Mickael saw in me, but the job interview went really smooth. In order not to fail his trust, I’ve been working really hard from the beginning, trying to catch up with the level of the team. Now that 1 year passed, I could be proud to say I’m one of the best functional guys in the team.

Looking back at the year, being a fresh young man moving to the headquarter, leading a global project, travelling around the world several times, the things I’ve learned, jobs done, and people I’ve met, they all make my life richer.

And now, the community are trusting me with a new project for the next 5 years.

I think to work for a project like that, it requires the ability to be an industry level benchmark.

I’m confident to say I’m among the bests of the company, but am I among the bests of the logistics world? I doubt that. Probably not.

So recently when I got the opportunity to join one of the top market players, I struggled. I work in a great team, I like Decathlon as a company, and I live Decathlon values. On the other hand, I would not say easy, but everything has been quite smooth for me already at this company. It’s almost a comfort zone to me now.

So I think, maybe it’s a good moment to step out of my zone and take the pressure again.

After all, it was the self doubt, and the willingness to take chanllenges, that drived me through my Decathlon career.

Now it’s the same self doubt and chanllenge, driving me to a new chapter of my supply chain & logistics journey.